Software Engineer (.Net / JavaScript)

Atlanta, Georgia, United States · Engineering · SSE


About You

You're an experienced web developer who is passionate about building great products. You love what you do, and you're always working to improve your skills. You'd like to join a company that will actively invest in your growth as an engineer. You know that not only will this benefit you directly, but it's also a good barometer of company culture.

Your career is a journey, and where you work has a huge impact on the path you take. You want to work somewhere that will set you up for long term career success. Larger companies sometimes offer those benefits, but you don't want to be another cog in the machine - you want to have a meaningful impact on the business. You're looking for a small- to mid-sized team of high-performers like yourself. Does this sound like you?

You meet the following criteria:

We're looking for experienced web developers with full-stack experience to join our cross-functional scrum team. Our tech stack is based on JavaScript/ES6, React, .NET Core, & MSSQL. All candidates must have prior experience with .NET, SQL, and JavaScript. Ideal candidates will have prior experience with React as well.

About Us

What we do

AchieveIt is changing how organizations make decisions. Our mission is to equip business leaders to achieve their most important initiatives. Our team is dedicated to building solutions that give leaders the cross-plan visibility they need to see what's working and where they need to pivot to grow their business faster and farther. We are innovators, strategizers, thinkers, builders, get-stuff-doners, learners, competitors, and pioneers. We are a group of Achievers who are passionate about results.

Our beliefs drive our culture

We believe in hiring great people and investing in their success.

We believe in work-life balance. What good is investing in your people if you burn them out?

We believe that all team members are equal. All opinions matter. Kindness matters. Humility matters. Honesty matters.

We believe in a meritocracy for ideas. The best solutions are found through healthy debate.

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